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Toys for Kids - Index

Of all the projects and activities that our members are involved in, the one that gets the most participation, 
does the most good and of which we are the proudest is the annual Toys for Kids program.

Throughout every year most of our members spend countless hours building toys for needy children.
Some members work on their own and some work in groups forming a production line.
Every November these toys are distributed to local organizations nominated by our members.

The following pages show photos and give more information.

Toys for Kids - 2017
Toys for Kids - 2016
Toys for Kids - 2015
Toys for Kids - 2014
Toys for Kids - 2013
Toys for Kids - 2012
Toys for Kids - 2011
Toys for Kids - 2010
Toys for Kids - 2009

Last update Decenber 1, 2017